Welcome to Roster Export.

After you login, you should be able to upload your roster file and test the service.

You can login with your credentials from sites such as Google Gmail, Facebook, Windows Live (Hotmail), Twitter and Paypal.

There's an overview of the Roster Export process to get you started.

Each bidperiod, or when you have a change, its a simple matter of viewing your roster on your machine with RCIS, this downloads a new cisrostr.dat file with all the changes, then come here, login and upload that file again. The calendar will be updated and all your subscribed devices will update their copy as well the next time you view your calendar on them.

Let me know in the forum section how it's working for you.


31 Jan 2011 Update:

Fixed the slip times still not showing up. 

20 Jan 2012 Update:

I've updated the back-end of the website to the latest version of MojoPortal and made some fixes to the processing of rosters. The ground time and slip times should now show up for ShortHaul Pilots.

I've also changed some information that is stored in your account profile. It would be great if you could update the Profile section of your Account Page.

 May 2012 Update:

WebCIS has replaced RCIS, there have been changes in the way the roster information is presented, and this breaks the current version of Roster Export.
I'm working on a fix, and while there is a simple, robust solution, getting IT approval, changes and security audits through with Qantas IT looks like it will take up to 12 months. In the meantime, I'm updating (when I can) the current code to recognise the changes in the format of the rosters. I expect this to take a few weeks, and as such, Roster Export will not work for your rosters for a few bid periods. 

I'll keep you posted here and on qrewroom with updates.